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adjective. Your attitude to money.

Spenditude has nothing to do with your age, stage or income.  It explores the formula for financial wellbeing - money and purpose


This is not a book about get-rich-quick schemes. It's about looking at our attitudes to money.



About Us

Paul Gordon and Janine Robertson have a strong passion for helping people to improve their financial attitude and awareness.

They have worked together for 15 years developing at-work financial wellbeing programs.

Paul and Janine are different ages and have different backgrounds but a common belief that people fail to reach their financial potential due to behaviour not income.

Many of us walk through life with a 'money blindfold' on.  We want you to take it off and see there is a way to change your money attitude.  Forget tedious budgets or giving up your daily coffee.

Money Blindfolds



Spenditude stories

Everyone has their own version of financial freedom and choice. Doors close on us. Life changes. Everyone has different purpose and money means very different things to all of us.

We want to provide you with evidence that your financial future is in your hands. 

It's not about doing things differently, it's about thinking things differently.

Are you ready for a change?

What's your story?