adjective. Your attitude to money.

Uncover what drives your spending, so you can gain financial security and live the life you want.

The bestselling book that shows you how to tackle your habits and behaviours around money, regardless of age, stage or income.



Have you ever wondered why some people are naturally good with money?

This book is not about tedious budgets, get-rich-quick schemes, or giving up your daily coffee. Instead you will learn how to improve your relationship with money so you can release financial anxiety and walk through life feeling in control.


Financial wellbeing experts Paul Gordon and Janine Robertson reveal how, with small and incremental steps, you can empower yourself to change your spenditude for the better. Backed by extensive research, relatable case studies and in-depth interviews, this life-changing guide will help you get on the right path to financial security.

It may seem an overwhelming task to change your thinking about money, but developing sound financial habits is within reach. Behaviour is the key that unlocks better financial outcomes. This motivating and practical guide will enable you to identify the habits you need to change, establish your financial goals and learn how to develop and follow a plan best-suited for your situation. Clear, straightforward chapters relate days of the week to the decades of your life – Monday to Friday is your working life and the weekend is your retirement – to drive home the fact that life is short so don't waste time.

In a world where change is constant, FOMO is prevalent, and social media’s influence is unmistakable, there has never been a better time to take stock of your spenditude and put your financial future squarely in your own hands. Spenditude will change your attitudes to money so you can benefit from the coming changes and enjoy the rest of your life.

A fantastic read​.


In an era of get rich quick schemes promising you millions selling t-shirts on Amazon, it is fantastic to read a book with clever thinking that challenges you and focuses on what’s really important – that your habits, behaviours and attitude to money ultimately impacts your financial wellbeing.


By  George Liberopoulos

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About the Authors

Paul Gordon and Janine Robertson have a strong passion for helping people to improve their financial attitude and awareness.

They have worked together for 15 years developing at-work financial wellbeing programs.

Paul and Janine are different ages and have different backgrounds but a common belief that people fail to reach their financial potential due to behaviour not income.



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Everyone has their own version of financial freedom and choice. Doors close on us. Life changes. Everyone has different purpose and money means very different things to all of us.

We want to provide you with evidence that your financial future is in your hands. 

It's not about doing things differently, it's about thinking things differently.

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