Flying Solo: Why our bad spending habits begin at the age of 7

Paul and Janine talk to Flying Solo's, Lucy Kippist about why we spend the way we do - and what we can do to make change for the better.

"We form our attitude towards money at the age of 7... but it's not necessarily our parents we should blame. When it comes to money we have found not a lot of people are attracted to self-help books and they won't go and see a financial advisor. They just tend to think, 'That's my lot'."


Women's Agenda

26 September 2019

Change the way you think about money

Women have disrupted career paths. There is a gender pay gap and a retirement savings gap.  All of these things are real. If you don't pay attention to your money until later in life, you'll miss an opportunity.


About Us

Paul Gordon and Janine Robertson have a strong passion for helping people to improve their financial attitude and awareness.

They have worked together for 15 years developing at-work financial wellbeing programs.

Paul and Janine are different ages and have different backgrounds but a common belief that people fail to reach their financial potential due to behaviour not income.