• Paul Gordon

A bottle of coke may help your spenditude

A friend has two kids. One 7 and one 10 years old.

My friend is a Defender.

She is teaching the kids the power of saving as part of her Spenditude sharing.

The set up is that she has given them both a 500ml EMPTY bottle of Coke.

The challenge is for the kids to fill their bottle with $2 coins. My friend has proved that a 500 ml bottle of coke full of $2 coins adds exactly up to………wait for it…… $1,000.

The ten year old has taken to it immediately. Every time they go shopping he rejects any offer of a treat or any spending on him and asks for $2 coins in exchange. He is on his way to filling that bottle and nothing will stop him. A Defender for sure.

The seven year old daughter has other plans. She accepts all the treats and takes whatever is given to her. All the time.

When she gets home she goes straight to her Coke bottle and instead of filling it (she has no coins anyway), she tips it upside down to see if she can shake some coins out so she can spend it.

A Spender.

The point: You form your attitude to money early in your life. If unchecked, that will be how you live your life.

For the seven year old, her Mum needs to consider positive messages and slowly adjust her daughter's habits without her really feeling it. She will eventually take on some Defender muscle memory.

This may well be the best gift she can give her so she will avoid the Spender's trap of chasing the dollar all the time.

The end.

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