• Paul Gordon & Janine Robertson

Australia’s top 2 problems were revealed last night – debt and the cost of living.

When the ABC broadcast the results of the ‘Australia Talks’ survey there were many interesting and some unexpected results, but the unifying concerns were predominantly around money. The fact that money appeared 8 times in the top 20 probably did not shock many people (debt, cost of living, poverty, wealth inequality, economy, unemployment, petrol prices, taxation). There were more in the list that you could say have significant financial impacts too, such as healthcare and the ageing population.

When we feel concerned about money, many of us want to do something to fix the problem. So we buy a lotto ticket, or reduce our spending a little, or perhaps delay a larger purchase. We might re-consider our Christmas list or put a little more into a savings account. You can try and earn more, you can try and spend less. You can hope for a windfall and bury your head in the sand. The problem with all these strategies is that they do not address the fundamental drivers of your attitude to money, your spenditude.

No matter your income, we all have habits with money. So many people (Slenders) live on the money treadmill. When there is anxiety around money they save more, spend less and try to get ahead. But that treadmill just keeps moving, despite trying some defender tactics they go back to their old ways.

Whether you are a spender, slender or defender bringing awareness to your habits and what is driving behaviour is the most powerful way to reduce your financial anxiety.

If you know anyone who is anxious about money , do them a favour and buy them Spenditude for Christmas. It might just be the best gift.

See the full list of concerns for Australians on

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