• Paul Gordon

Why that new yoga mat won't help you to succeed

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Have you ever tried to buy your way to a better habit?

Want to stop eating out?  That fancy new cookware will help.

Want to exercise more?  Better shop for a new yoga mat first.

In the same way that a new year feels like a fresh start (and resolutions are set), setting goals can feel like a way to change something and increase our happiness. However, when we choose to make a change, we often think that throwing money at the problem will help us succeed.  For Spenders and Slenders, taking on a new habit can provide a reason to spend money – all in the name of a good cause.

Large goals are rarely successful, even with the fancy cookware or new gear.   If you are looking to make a change, formulating a pathway and setting smaller, specific goals is a better way to start.  Baby steps. 

Mindfulness, journalling and fasting are three great ways to help you begin.

Mindfulness is simply the practice of bringing your awareness to the present moment.  It can help us see why we are really spending and deal with it appropriately. 

Journalling can help you celebrate the achievements you have made.  Writing down your smaller, simple goals and money thoughts can help you stay on track.  Use any old notebook, your phone or computer.  You don’t need to buy a fancy journal to begin.

Fasting for a short period at first can make the goal seem more attainable.  If it is eating out you want to avoid, aim for a single week to start with. 

Having fancy cookware or workout gear won’t make you more likely to achieve your goal.  Bringing awareness to why you want to change the habit will help to bring more success. 

Set smaller challenges and celebrate the wins along the ways. 

Buying your way to better habits is not the best start. 

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