• Paul Gordon

Is your spenditude influenced by your star sign?

I was in a Tiger Lily store with my friend. I was doing the man thing and waiting for my friend to try on several clothes.

For some reason the topic of Spenditude broke out amongst all the customers. Perhaps I prompted it?

What I observed was a shop full of woman displaying very similar spenditude. I just had to ask some questions.

All the woman agreed that when it came to buying clothes they loved the concept of taking their time, feeling the merchandise and procrastinating for a while.

Some admitted they use the store as a showroom and always buy online (where spenditude appears in the form of online discounts).

They also confirmed their male partners treated shopping for clothes more like a military exercise, Go in quick and get out quicker!!

None of this was a surprise. I am sure many couples work this way when it comes to spending on their wardrobe.

What was interesting is the comment from one of the women.

After I explained the concept of Spenditude (spender/slender/defender), she said “I love spending however I am a Libran, so I weigh things up before I do anything, including impulse spending”.

Wow. It got me thinking, does your star sign influence your spenditude?

Do the dreamy Pisceans become vulnerable to spending? etc. etc.

I don’t have the answers as this only happened today. However it does have me wondering how much our Star Signs correlate with our Spenditude.

I think that it may have some influence, but your Spenditude is way more powerful than a star sign. It cuts across age, gender, income and religion.

My challenge to our followers is to share their Spenditude Star Sign thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you.

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