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What is “busy” costing you?

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

A while back a counsellor helped me deal with some thoughts that plagued me (it helped). I was stuck in some patterns of 'what if?' (and the what if in my head was generally something bad). The result of the thoughts was a fear that could paralyse my decision making. So instead of bringing any awareness to it, I stuck with a plan to be 'busy'. All. The. Time. So much to do that stopped me dealing with the thoughts - and what was really going on in my head and my life.

But life is busy. Even kids and retired people are busy and busy seems to be a status symbol for some people - the busier we are the more successful we appear to be.

Busy can stop us from focusing on the right things. Maybe, like me, you have told yourself that 'busy' is helping you get on with life and perhaps even get ahead - being productive and not lazy. But is being busy helping your spenditude?

Busy can push us back into old habits. Being busy can make us purchase more with less awareness - more take away, more uber... Are you busy and haven't noticed the impact on your bank balance?  There are countless books, blogs, research papers and articles around all manner of financial topics.  Lots of them ask us to add more things to the list! More busy!

If you are on the treadmill of life and not aware of your spenditude or your 'busy' what are you prioritising? Are you so busy that you are not able to focus on the good things in life that bring the joy?

What kind of busy are you?

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