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Everyone has their own version of financial freedom and choice. Doors close on us. Life changes. Everyone has different purpose and money means very different things to all of us.

We want to provide you with evidence that your financial future is in your hands. 

It's not about doing things differently, it's about thinking things differently.

Stories, aspirations, dreams, new realities are shared here to help your spenditude journey.

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Value lens

Tom grew up in a family where money was in short supply.  His mum worked in a factory environment and his dad was not around.  Government housing.  No pocket money.  Fill that money box to feel its weight.

Tom's humble upbringing continues to influence his attitude to money.  He is concious of having a safety net to fall back on and thinks people who don't like coffee are lucky!

His value lens is constantly in play - can I get a discount, is it tax deductible, can it wait?  His value lens controls every purchase.

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No delays

Matthew feels that life is too short to worry about money, so he doesn't.  He earns, he spends.  When there is none, he earns more or borrows.  Spending brings satisfaction. 

Matthew loves technology: he has an uncontrollable urge to buy the latest.  The thought of opening that exquisite packaging and plugging it in so it takes its first breath... "wow, did you see the quality of that photo?"

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Concrete Porch

Safety net

Amy's husband dropped dead at 40 while jogging.  Three young kids and a big mortgage. She believes that the family is financially ruined.

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